Our Investment Philosophy

Sound Intellectual Framework

Our investment approach is rational, structured and simple to monitor. Our main objective is to structure globally well-diversified portfolios for you based on your risk level. Your risk level determines the asset allocation of your portfolio. What we mean by that is how much fixed income versus how much equity you will hold in your portfolio. Asset allocation and diversification are the 2 most important elements when designing your portfolio. Psychology also plays an important role when investing - investors tend not to be rational when fear and greed are amplified by the media and the investment community – our job is to help you stay focused and tune out the noise.

We are independent, which means we’ve got access to a wide array of products but most importantly, no sales targets. Our recommendations are based on what we believe are the best products for you.

We are confident over time, a well-structured investment approach will add value and provide you with assurance that your portfolio will help you get to where you are going.