Do you have a Pension – if so, can you Name your plan?

So, what does retirement look like in your future? Certainly not what it used to. By paying attention to your pension, you may be able to shape your retirement lifestyle to suit your lifestyle. Transitioning into retirement, and need to make a decision about your pension options? Contact us for a complimentary meeting to discuss and help you understand your different options. 

Don’t Have a Pension? Buy a Pension!

Want to enjoy a secure retirement? Looking for peace of mind, sleep-at-night type income stream? When it comes that time to stop working, selecting the best possible income options may be the most important investment decision you will ever make. Guaranteed income for life gives you peace of mind by knowing that you will never out-live your savings. While annuities may not be for everyone, get the facts because they could be for you. 

Are you a Small Business Owner?

With the recent tax changes to private corporations, as a small business owner, you may want to revisit the benefits of an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) for your retirement. IPPs are an RRSP alternative for business owners and are a great way of transferring registered assets to the next generation of the family business.


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