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The Pathway to Prosperity™, Step 5: Transfer your dreams


Step 5: Transfer your dreams

Transferring your dreams is about providing for others – most often your family. Although you can't eliminate either death or taxes, you can plan to reduce the effects of estate taxes while ensuring your assets are transferred to your loved ones exactly as you wish. After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, you want to make sure that your assets go to the people you choose.

Everybody approaches estate planning differently; your plan should be a reflection of your personal priorities and individual choices. A well-planned estate allows you to decide how your property will be administered during your lifetime and distributed after your death. 

Leave a Legacy - Charitable Donations 
During retirement we often come to the realization that life has been pretty decent and we begin to consider others who may be less fortunate. Our team can help you decide the most effective way to distribute portions of your income and your assets to charities that have a special place in your heart. 

Are you getting your affairs in order? - Family Recovery Binder 
Keeping track of where you’ve filed everything can be a daunting task, but our Family Recovery Binder can help you to plan and organize your estate. You may wish to share it with family, so they can stay connected and up-to-date on your plans today. They will also know where to find everything if something should happen to you in the future.

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